(damn you lazy eye)

Can’t believe how good their products are! Now I want everything

bought my first Lush product ever today, yay!

can this day be over already? today sucked.
i can pick up my new make-up tomorrow and we go out for dinner and i’m actually excited for that
but today was one of the least productive days ever
and i had to study

also, I LOVE online shopping

ordered 5 matte lipsticks (2 of them are purple!)
life’s good

minerfest today


I need more dark purple matte lipsticks

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This is tomorrow. I’m nervous as fuck.
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excited for this!!

life’s good

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(face looks terrible because of the exams)
but look at this awesome Defeater beanie I bought at their show in Antwerp on saturday!

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Defeater 💕

so so good!

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Defeater tomorrow!